The helping hand

Understanding the meaning og perseverance, or really continue as a person through the ups and downs of life.

Seen from a Protestant point of view, one needs to see the culture of Protestantism through the lense of Martin Luther.

Who was Martín Luther?

Martin Luther was the founder of Protestantism, but he was more than that, he was also a monk.

Monks live in monasteries and lives a life of simplicity.

This simplicity is a testament to the very idea of monasteries, that are houses devoted to the elevation of each person in the house of G-d.

In other words, monks live for prayer, supporting those in need, and see material needs as something not so important.

In other words, they work a lot, and do not use a lot of money.

This way of doing things is really what is behind what we see as capitalism. Why are the western countries so rich?

It is because they are hardworking, and not using a lot of money. Putting a penny aside for a rainy day.

But it also lends to the spirit of perseverance. We work, continuesly, to the betterment of the world around us, to do good.

We should see this as something important, the work for at better world, as something more than just the enrichment of ourselves. But as a realization of the world of spirit.

I know, that this is the same, if you are a Christian a Jew or a Moslem. To be a good person, and help those who needs help.

G-d bless the helping hand.

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