The future

We are truly moving away from the Obama doctrine, that Barack and I made under his presidentship. Why? I guess conservatism reflects liberalism, and right now, we are reentering at very strict cultural marxist trend in the European mainland. Specifically in Germany and Sweden.

France is still very pro the Democratic/antiislamist ideas that was the heart of our tenure, and the UK is kind of wobbly.

This will create a devastating dynamics, that may end in a war with Russia and China. A war that Germany cannot win by itself. Just saying, and Sweden neither.

So perhaps you may want to think a little bit about what road to take. The cultural marxist ideas are kind of running out. It will destroy Sweden, and it will destroy Germany.

But the rest of Europe will have to make new alliances, and try to remake the continent in some kind of form.

Politics is like a pendulum, it swings from right to left, and will do that eternally, UNLESS, the state collapses, then it is a whole new ballgame.

Russia is not our enemy. It can be, if we push Russia too far, but as it is now, it is only defending itself. WE are the aggressors, and we have no armies.

That is a very difficult process to maintain.

Hopefully Trierism will win the day eventually. That is a conservative, middle leaning political position, that tries to reach bot ways. But right now, we are torn between the extremes of politics, and it is ripping the continent asunder.

The US cannot do anything right now, but be careful not to alienate Russia more that it has already been alienated. We risk creating a new Cold War, and honestly we ourselves are not at our best. We need to focus on the competition with China, that is the real threat.

We will see, but I fear the worst; revolutions, state collapses, general mayhem, as always in Europe.

G-d bless the will to find a balanced peace in the world.

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