The founding fathers

Well, one point that Aristotle makes, that I believe is really true, is the fact that Democracy has the most intelligence; the mass of the intelligence of the people beats the intelligence of the best thinkers.

He figures, that the ideas that the people have is filtered through so many people, that the conclusions are better than what people like me would come to. So, we should always try and interpret the will of the people. Try to understand what it is, what they want us to do.

Sometimes, we have our heads so far up our own…, sorry for the expression, but often we the elite are so certain that we are right and all that. But that is really just our own limitation, we do not have the capability to understand the supreme intelligence of the people.

A Democracy is difficult to make, but once it is made, it is very difficult to tear down again.

So, sometimes, we need to put ourselves down, shed our own arrogance, have the humility to put ourselves below the people, and try and understand what it is they are saying.

If they are displeased with us redrawing from Afghanistan, we need to try and understand what we have done wrong, and find a course, that is viable and reaches out for that will of the people. It will Change us, but if we understand it, filtered through wisdom, we can make something beautiful and lasting.

Democracy is one of those gems of our world, we should support it, and use it now in our crisis. Be absolutely loyal to the wisdom and ideas of the founding fathers.

They were a wise and sturdy bunch, those old geezers, they knew things, and we should try and follow their lead. They wanted us to LISTEN to the will of the people, so we should try our best at doing that. At least to the best of our ability, more we cant do.

But if we do that, we will win.

G-d bless the American Way.

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