The fall of the Empire

To make war, you have to build your armies, and when you make the war, especially with a great enemy as China, you need to hit as hard as you can get.

Carl the Great was very good at winning wars. The mechanical make up of his time was the same as today.

All the great powers paraded their extremely expensive armies around, loath at actually going into war, afraid of loosing their prized expensive armies.

Or as the Roman emperor who lost his armies to the Teutons in the German forest said, he was fishing with a golden hook.

Meaning, that the hook (the army) was expensive, and with that he fished (tried to occupy new territories).

The point is, armies are expensive, so the countries who have them really are loath to use them.

Carl the great however said (he was a philosopher king), that he did the same as everybody else when he had his armies, circled them around and around. But when he needed to, he hit as hard with them as he possibly could. So he won.

The same goes with the American army, it is extremely costly, so we dont use it much.

That is a mistake. In order to win, we need to use it, but then when we do it, we do it on our own premises, with our own aims. Not as the Romans who got lured into the woods, giving the Teutons the extreme advantage of terrain.

See it for yourself, the last valorous Roman soldiers, standing on the top of a hill, sheltering the standard. Repelling wave after wave after wave of Teutons, hailing from the deep woods.

The last braves fell on that hill, we need to make sure, we are not in the same situation.

Because that battle sealed the fate of Rome.

So in times of need. We pick the battle, on our own terms.

THAT is why I propose an alliance of the English Empire, that is UK and Australia, the United States of America and India.

Boxing in China, and then pick the battle on our own terms.

Let us not be complacent in our belief of our own superiority. Let us be honest about the threat.

Let us not fish with a golden hook.

But build armies to fight and defend the Empire and State of the USA.

G-d bless the will to survive.

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