The fall of manmade civilisation?

Ok, here is an idea.

The main problem in the US for now, is the lack of knowledge on how to appreciate the American Dream.

Everybody wants it, and everybody strives for it, but how do we attain it?

Here is the explanation, that might shed some light on the path forward.

First of all, if you are Republican or Democrat, there really is no discussion on how to attain the goal of making the American Dream available to everybody.

How is that even possible?

Well, you see, Western civilisation is not really Western very much, it is essentially Middle Eastern.

The rule of law is Mesopotamian, Humanism is Egyptian. Only Democracy is an essential northern European construct, but even Democracy derives partly from Athens, the great beacon of Democracy.

So where does this lead to?

Well, civilisation is a product of a number of principles; the division of power, the rule of law, religion and humanism.

These sets of institution create the frame around each citizen, making civilisation and the American dream possible.

When each citizen creates something, he contributes to the motor of civilisation.

So, all kinds of wacko anarchistic systems does not attain anything, it only picks out different building blocks out of the wall, and inhibits civilisation.

What is my point?

Well it is pretty obvious, somehow we need to agree on all these ideas we have inherited from the Middle East.

So instead of seeing Western civilisation as something mournful and bad, please let us see it for what it is; it is a gift from the Middle East, and hence has absolutely nothing to do with white privilige or supremacy.

It is simply the best ways man has been able to come up with to steer ourselves away from tribalism and rule of the strong.

That is really what is at stake these days; civilisation itself.

G-d bless the civilisation we can protect if we are strong enough.

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