The EU

To make a system that actually work in europe, we need to take the best things of the Obaman Change and redesign it for Europe.

If we look at Europe, we need to accept, that the loyalty to the Nations within Europe will not change. So we need to work with that. Instead of trying to centralize power, we need to find a balance between power on a national level, and power on a federal level.

Who and what is truly important for the Europeans at a national level?

First of all, football. You cannot make a EU football team, it would be awful. We like our Italian azure, Danish red and white, French tricolour and so on.

Secondly military. It will never happen on a federal level.

Thirdly, and this is very important, business.

The reason why European economy is not working, is because the inherent balance between free market and national production is not working.

There is an intimate relation between the Nation and the business life. In Denmark we are good at sailing, so we have Mærsk. In France they are good at making really good cheese and many other wonderful agricultural products, so they make that.

Making products, and developing new products is like good wine, it has to mature and needs tradition to work.

We cannot compete with cheap labour, but we can compete with quality products.

This needs a loyalty between nation and business life, according to Adam Smith.

Having a free market within Europe with a lot of consumers, is however very good.

Fourthly we need to have a clear relationship between citizen and nation. We cannot just move people around, this has created a lot of problems, so we should stop that.

The federal level however will work as a framework of cooperation. So that when we go to war, we can do that together. The armies remain national, but the operations can work on a federal level.

Then we need the central institutions of Bruxelles and Strassbourg to work on the quality of the institutions of human rights, democracy and so on.

Create a powerhouse of inspiration. So that the bureaucracy goes from being tyrants to being servants.

G-d bless the will to be honest and find the right balances of the European Union.

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