The EU

Well it seems to me, that the EU bureaucracy is actually listening to what I prescribe.

Perfect, this will make us able to turn the downfall around. It will be difficult, but not impossible.

First of all, we should consider the difference between the US and the European Union. The difference is in particular the fact, that the nations of Europe are much more different in terms of culture, tradition, language and so on than the US.

So, the obvious conclusion to this problem is to do things differently in Europe than you do in the US.

The individual Nations need much more independence to care for their language, culture, security, law systems and so on and so forth.

In a sense the European Union needs to be much more decentralized than the US.

This does not hinder the collaborative effort to make tools of power together. But the framework should be much more respectful of the differences of each state.

Right now the EU needs some success in the eyes of the European people. The Italian election pretty much carves the work out for the current administration.

1. Security.
2. Remigration.
3. A much looser system og monetary cooperation.

The two first tasks are actually possible for the current administration. It requires a coordinated process where the borders of the Southern European nations are much better protected. It will be pretty easy to require assistance from the navies of the European states, because all states are interested in stopping the flow of migrants.

Making a remigration plan, making camps in Africa, sending the migrants back is also possible if the EU bureaucracy puts its will and ressources behind it. It will be difficult, but feasible.

With this, two initiatives will be good moves to satisfy the European populace.

Concerning the Euro. Well, I do not see any true benefits of it. It has been a boon to Germany, but a huge problem for the Southern European states. Economy on a national level requires flexibility.

Essentially I believe, we need to realize, that economical drive is closely related to the nations. So instead of hindering economic development on a national level, we should support it.

Essentially we need the flexibility of the old European state system back. That flexibility will ensure new ideas and progress in different states. But these new ideas will inspire other states to develop.

Then when it makes sense to make projects on a large scale, we do that.

That will make it work, but we need to remember that what we are truly fighting for in Europe is not the structure of the European Union, but the creation of fresh European values and virtues. Democracy, rule of law and humanism.

G-d bless the will to be honest and flexible about the problems that Europe is in now.

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