The Eloquent peasant

Ok, we need to get the show on the road in regards to the police reform we should do. If we can get it to be a reform that is made across the aisle, maybe it can actually support a more unified United States of America.

What can I contribute with? I can contribute with some knowledge.

First of all, justice that is the core virtue of the law, can be understood in many ways, but we need to get to the bottom of the ideas behind law, to really make a reform that is something that could be valued internationally.

What it law?

Well, to really understand that, one should go back to Ancient Egypt, where our lawsystem derives from, among other ancient sources or roots of understanding, Greece, Scandinavia and Mesopotamia to be precise.

Anyway, to understand what law is in an Egyptian sense, you whould read about the peasant that was accused by a richer man, and defended himself in an ancient Egyptian courtroom.

What he said was, that TRUTH was on his side, and as long as TRUTH was on his side, he could not loose. So he won.

This has developed into the g-dess with blindfolding, the point being, that the g-dess of law is dedicated with a ruthless dedication to transperency of law. There should be no lying in the courtroom, and if the prosecutors or, even worse, the judges are caught in a lie, the system is thereby corrupted.

As they said in ancient egypt, the light is the truth and that light is divine. In this way, divine justice is TRUTH in presence in the court.

If a reform focuses on this extemely important and basic virtue of the law, progress can be made.

G-d bless the will to make divine law.

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