The dream

I have been debating a lot with myself on how to talk about the idea of enlightenment. I know, that a lot of the other humanists are reaching out, and we are in agreement with everything off cause.

But, and this is where things need to Change, if we are to get going again talking about making a world that is abundant and can make peoples dreams come to fruition.

What is really the aim of someone, who believe in the roots of our civilisation coming from Egypt and Mesopotamia?

Is it a Spartan world (communism) or is it a classical Egyptian world?

This is really the root of the question. In the other renaissances, we have been able to find bits and pieces of the way things were run in the world of Babylon, Egypt and Ur.

This renaissance, my contribution has been to try and find the roots of the ideas.

In a funny way, it is actually a repetition of some of the ones, that came before me. I mean, the answer has been found before, and it is possible to find again.

What was the initial idea of the US? The idea the first pilgrims came with, was to make a new Israel in America.

That is why the current Israel is so much an American project.

What was the reasoning behind that idea, that the first pilgrims had so long ago?

Well, it is really a really beautiful project, if you understand it.

Eden or Eridu, the “first” city of the Mesopotamian city states was held in high regard, because the thinking was, that all of the ideas, that were part of the civilisation of the classical world, was made and exemplified there. That is religion, politics, science, law, banking. All that is the very frame of our society today. You may not think about it, but the system you are living in, is INVENTED in Eden, so to speak.

The aim of Israel is to take all these principles, and perfect them. If you do that, you will make a paradise. At least, that was the idea.

It kind of culminated in the 50’ies, that was a time, where everything was in balance.

From there on, it went downhill, why? Because of cultural Marxism.

Cultural Marxism, beautiful as it may be, is not into ancient city states of Mesopotamia or the very idea about civilisation. It is all about the fight between democracy and nazism.

What is the remedy to our current predicament? It is to get back to basics, and find that initial fire for the people of the ancient city state of Mesopotamia. And realise it, once more.

That is the cure.

G-d bless the will to follow in the footstep of the first settlers of United States of America.

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