The Copenhagen Spirit

We are in a kind of crisis in the American public. Everybody are screaming at each other and in the moment of warfaring, we may do things, that we come to regret after some time.

Let us have a look at this from a open source perspective.

You know, the deeper story beneath open source, and the idea behind the internet has a beautiful and enriching story that most have not a clue about.

Today at the most of the big tech companies they life and swear by the ‘Copenhagen spirit’, that is, in essence the way of working that mr. Niels Bohr brought to the US when he did the Manhattan project, that is the invention of the atomic bomb.

He had this wonderful idea, that if you trust people, they actually are able to lift their responsibilities themselves.

For me, that is the epitome of working as free persons in a network.

There are wonderful stories about the physicist on the Niels Bohr institute, that played ping pong in the basement, and went and saw a lot of cowboy movies. The books they used as bats were advanced physics books and in that wonderful atmosphere a lot of great wisdom was envisioned and proved. Today Quantum physics and the development of that last strain of ideas is the end and the poor line of thought that we can muster.

At the other hand, the dreams and ideas of Bohr, are really here with us. The open network to create peace and stop us from going into nuclear Armageddon.

So what lies at the heart of this whole system of organization and ideology?

Well, Bohrs good friend, and the philosopher who inspired him to think about openness as the answer, a philosopher called Knud Ejlar Loegstrup, had this belief, that 80% of all our conflicts are misunderstandings. So UNDERSTANDING each other’s motives and worldview will actually hinder most conflicts.

This is the driving force for my cry for reconciliation and stopping all this senseless warfare between the right and the left. Perhaps, there is a lot of misunderstandings going on. Perhaps mr. Trump is not such an evil person that we believe, perhaps the left are not devils either?

UNDERSTANDING and trying to see the view of those we tend to hate can be a way to solve the conflict.

I am not saying, that people do not things wrong, they do, and should off cause be corrected. But an honest try to understand the world, and see people for what they are, is the best start on any attempt to solve a conflict.

So this is what open source is all about, to be able to give a window of understanding to those who try.

Look at people from an unbiased view, and find a way to solve a conflict without ending up with war and misery.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you need to fight, but actually most of time most of conflicts are just your own imagination running wild.

Should we examine peoples true intent or just go on banging the drums of conflict?

My idea is to be faithful to the tenants of Borh, and keep the internet networks open.

G-d bless the will to be honest and humble in our approach to the world.

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