The connection

Joe, listen, I am not a true, rich opinionator of an international statue, I am just a poor guy living in Denmark, with a host of problems around my neck.

The police is after me, my ex. is a terrible problem and so on and so forth. I am friend, right, not much of a friend, but still your loyal friend. But don’t expect me to save you, in the state I am in.

I am locked up in Denmark, like in a prison. But you can bail me out, if you want.

All you have to do, is offer me a job somewhere, where it somehow fits my current life situation.

I can’t go and live in the States, even though I would love to do just that, but my kids are 4 and 9. I can’t move them around, and my ex. would go bananas, that’s the truth of it.

But I mean, give me a job at the embassy as some kind liaison, give me a low paying, insignificant job in your administation, that would allow me to go to the States once in a while and talk with you about all the host of issues that you are facing.

I am not saying this because I want a job, I have some of kind job, that I like. But the truth is, I am getting pulled down by the things I have to do here in Denmark, and it is difficult to find the ressources to keep up with the American agenda. I try the best I can. But when you are in a fierce battle between this environment group against the other, and you are part of the whole debacle, keeping up with what you are doing is really difficult. The brits are doing it in a nice way, inviting me to Oxford, making some kind of connection, that is all that is required. You do not need to come here, I will come to you, you are my friend. But I have to have some kind of connection.

Please Joe, for America, and the potential benefits I can give you, make that connection. Not in a fanciful way, just simple and yet effective. It does not have to be prestigious, just something that would work.

G-d bless the will to reach out and help your friends.

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