The Christian minorities

Well, the situation of the world has changed. It seems to me, that the middle leaning Democrats, and the middleleaning conservatives are really what it is all about.

I certainly do not believe we should start a third world war or anything in the like.

But there are minorities around the world, that still need some attention.

One minority, that I have personally been involved with a lot is the Christian minority of Egypts. The Copts.

This little but extremely beautiful church is an ancient church that has been in Egypt for millennia.

I truly believe, that the relationship mr. Al-Sisi has with his Christian populace is not good, but still something that is recommendable.

We should look out for the minorities in the world, not at least the Christian minorities that have a truly hard time in the Middle East these days.

G-d bless the will to protect those without protection.

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