The brothers keeper

Well, there are many ways to see ones responsibility as a jew, and how we may administer the power we have.

To be the Chosen means that we are chosen by Hashem, and therefor we are to be like G-d.

But what is G-d? G-d is a state of eternal connection and love. It is this state of connection that we are to support and make stronger.

If we are the cause of strife, we are not doing what G-d wants.

We are to fight, but only those who wish to do evil. The egoistic the selfish, the ones who believe in that they are right to take from other what is not theirs.

That is the single most important task that is given Jews.

HOW we do it is always a discussion.

Concerning the Iran deal. One thing is off cause, that I believe that since I made the deal, I have to stick to it, otherwise my credibility is worth nothing.

But the other is, what about the US. The US is our strong friend, but even though the US is strong, it still has a lot of problems.

We should be our brothers keeper, right?

So, as I see it, if we push the US into a position where it is weakened, we do not administer and do the things we are supposed to do.

We are supposed to bring happiness and harmony, not the other way around.

Dont, get me wrong. If someone threatens us, we fight back, as we have been doing for many thousand years and won. But it has to be RIGHTEOUS.

The ethical base of our fight has to be ok.

Now we have our state, but remember what happened when David got too complacent and rested too much in his power? He took the wife of Uriah, one of his best fighters.

We are at the same place as David was when he took the wife of Uriah. We are powerful, have the best army in the world and so on.

THIS is when we need to think about the task that is ours to do. To be our brothers keeper, and be humble with all this power.

Power corrupts, so we need to be strong in character and think about our friends and those we care about before ourselves.

G-d bless the will to do good, and be our brothers keeper.

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