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Well, I guess, that the last post was a bit of a whip. The whole turbulence, that it created in the US, was really a surprise to me. But I guess, it touched upon a subject, that has been very difficult to touch upon, because of all the mystery that surrounds the banks.

But my realisation, after having made the interview with the bank insider mr. Ole Bjerg, the banking world themselves seem quite happy with the discussion. I guess, that they are not that used to debate, but when it comes, they listen.

This is a surprise, but also very good surprise.

I received a paper from the national bank here in Denmarks, where they discuss the issues.

The weird thing is, when I get to know how the banks think, I actually agree. The virtues they have are the right virtues. So the ability to make people trust the currency, the mission to fight inflation and so on, are spot on. The problem seems to be, that the national banks are diverging from these ideals and are discussing the limits of the digitalisation of the money.

Well, as a moral philosopher, the message is quite clear. Trust of money is even more difficult to gain when everything is digitalised. The citizens KNOW that the banks have the ability to use their power in a way, that the banks become a meta police.

But if they do that, they LEAVE their true conviction, that of being a defender of the currency.

These ideals, if they erode, will make a huge dent in the trust of the banks, just by talking about the meta police possibilities, has raised eyebrows in many places. Yes, for now, it is only insiders like mr. Ole Bjerg, but if the national banks do not reconsider, the criticism will be increased.

But it seems to me, with the media storm, that the last post created, the banks have had to think about their plans, and hopefully, get back to their core, that of defending the currency.

G-d bless the will to follow ones conviction in the face of the lure of naked power.

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