The balance

Ok, we have to be a little careful with the green change, that we are doing.

First let us go down memory lane a bit, and see what we can learn from that.

When the whole windmill industry started, it wasn’t really an industry, but a hobby project done by visionaries.

Especially the illustrious mr. Preben Vilhjelm was a the head of the game.

Through some debate with the insiders of the whole energy development, these are some of the lore we can ween from his era.

Preben was a genius. He was educated as an atomic physicists, so he knew a whole lot about energy.

What he did, was a genius move, to my mind. He was a the head of VS, Venstre Socialisterne when he did the following.

He professed, that what Denmark needed was a balance between windpower, and then something that never catches on in the rest of the word, but is really important to this first plan. Remember, this is forty years ago, or something.

He pushed for a renewable cycle of agricultural products. What he pushed was a system, where by you could produce gas out of waste in the agricultural business. That really worked, and today we have these small but efficient power plants that run on waste from the farms.

So, his idea was, and that is very important to think about. To make A BALANCE between the energy we get from the farms, and the windmills. Effectively making a system that would always run. The problem about only making windmills is the fact, that it only runs when there is wind. So there is something to ponder there. I know that in California, there is a lot of windmills, but you need to either make a huge power saving system or make an alternative power producing, one could very well be recycling the waste of agricultural products.

Anyway, that is an important point.

Then in the next phase, we hit a low in Denmark under the energy crisis, so we decided to be energy independent. We build a lot of oil rigs and gas production. And here is another very important lesson learned by the illustrious mr. Poul Nielson.

When he rebuild the energy supply in Denmark, what he did was, that he REALLY made a masterful plan. He counted all the beads, and made a massive investment in fossile fuel. The point is, you need to master both disciplins to really get ahead of the game.

BOTH the fossile fuel game, AND the green tech energy.

We have to get to a point where green energy is in abundance and cheap. But until then, we still need to play the fossile fuel game.

It has to be a CONTROLLED shift.

Green tech is really developing these days, especially within the field of power to x, but it will take some time to get to a point where green energy really rules. So we need to respect that research and development takes time.

Invest in R&D as much as we can, to really speed up the process. But it will take time, at least ten to fifteen years to reach a point, where green energy is really cheap enough.

So, have a little patience, but show initiative by cosponsoring the logistical development at the same time as the R&D.

G-d bless the will to make a greener world.

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