The American leadership

Ok, it seems to me, that the strategy of the US, is getting there.

I know, that the war in Ukraine is hanging in a thin thread, and we cannot rely on the Ukrainian forces too much, but we are actually holding the line, and all in all, from a starting point, where we were absolutely in the defense, that is not such a bad outcome.

It illustrates the basic challenge of industrial output, that I have talked so much about. You can be the most skilled warrior in the world, if you have costly and few weapons, that will matter very little.

So in a sense, the Ukrainian war, has put focus on what an army truly needs to do, to really fight.

Add to this, it has stopped the rise of China, in the sense, that a lot of production it used to have, is flowing back to the west.

At the end of the day, that is what really matters.

There is a very little risk of a major war with China, it will, most likely be small skirmishes, and perhaps an invasion of Taiwan, but a full scale war all over the pacific is very little in terms of likelihood.

This gives the US the time needed to ramp up production, and thus remain the leader of the world.

You can be a leader of the world, by taking money from everybody else. But true might is not vassalage, it lies in your own strength.

Having your own production line, will give the US that core strength to be the leader of the world.

It will be a difficult time from now on, but the crisis will, at the end, make you stronger.

We have lured ourselves into sleep, by sleeping on the laurels. Believing, that the might of the US would go on for ever. Nothing goes on for ever, empires rise and fall.

And it comes down to the skill of the leadership, to keep the administration fresh and uncorrupted.

Good news, we are improving. Bad news, that improvement is hard and takes a toll. It is frustrating and difficult.

But, we are getting there.

G-d bless the will of the United States of America.

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