The American dream

What is he aim of politics? Do we sometimes stop, at ask ourselves, what is it really we are doing?

Often we end up in petty infights, and actually lose the greater view on things, and stop seeing the basic reason for all the politicking we are doing.

Making research for my book on economics, I kind of stumbled on the introduction to the work “economics” that is an Aristotelean discussion on what and how we work with economy.

Well, the book being Aristotelean and working in the vein of that great person and amazing mind, there is off cause an answer to the question; why do we do politics.

He says, we do politics, because we try to make a city (polis) where people are happy.

Just stop there, think about it for a second, the profound wisdom there is in that. Why do we do politics? We do not do it to make money for ourselves or win some kind of competition, we do it to further the happiness of the citizens. It is a simple as that. Make people happy, content, that is the aim of politics. It also happens to be the aim of economy, so we should discuss that too. And that is what I am doing, trying to discern, how does the economy contribute to the wellbeing of all the citizens, that is a VERY complicated discussion.

One of things that I believe that Benjamin Franklin got right, was the point, that what we strive for is unity. Not being split up into smaller warring factions of country against city or white against black. But a society, where people get along, getting each of their shot on a happy life. And, by the way, isn’t that exactly what the American dream is all about?

G-d bless the will to do good in a world where people are torn by division.

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