Thanks guys

There comes a time, where one needs to hand on the power to the next generation. Why? Because clinging on to power is often abuse, and it hinders the flow of development.

This time has finally come to me, it is time for me, to hand on the responsibility and power to the next generation.

As of now, I simply cannot be responsible anymore.

My situation is like this; I have been sick for the last 8 – 9 months. In the course of putting up the tv station, my back has been totally wrecked. I cannot move more than two times a day, that is picking up my kid, and then do something else.

This is not something I say to reach out for help, I do generally not reach that out for help, but just to be honest about my situation.

It is not possible for me, to support the Liberals in the next election, simply because, I do not have the energy to do it.

I will support the best I can, but to take that general responsibility that I have done until now, is simply not possible.

Hopefully, after getting better, I can be back in a stronger position. But not now.

I am sorry, but you also have to be able to give away the power, when you are not able to carry the weight.

I for one will not be the person, that clings to power, just because I like it.

I prefer to relinquish it, and give it on to the next generation of intellectuals.

So this is not a good buy, but a thank you for helping me in the political Change, that I have been able to participate in.

I will continue developing the ideas about the American dream, and the other ideas, that I am currently working on. But the energy to fight in elections is not available for me right now. I am sorry Joe, I wished I could do better for you. But for you to rely on me in a situation where I cannot walk, let alone be responsible for some of the most difficult elections processes in the world, is not fair for you either.

I need to recuperate, and get well, before I can do anything more.

Thank you all, and;

G-d bless you.

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