Thank you

I have been doing a lot of soul-searching lately. Why is it, that whatever I do, and I hope my readers feel, that I do a lot for them. There is no such thing as giving back. I mean, just imagine all the Americans, that thrive with what I have given them. Better housing, more prosperity, a better place in the world. Not a single American has EVER given me anything back. Not a thank you, not a high five, not a cent. Nothing.

Why is that really. Is it because that I am scaring, or snobbish. Why do Americans just take me for granted?

In Denmark, I have had enough of it. The candidate for PM Søren Pape, wanted me to help him win the election. But he didn’t even want me close. I mean, that is insulting.

So I simply did not help him. I could have helped him, I even offered my help. But he didn’t want to be seen with me.

Ok, I mean, seriously, if I am so contagious, then why on earth are my ideas so popular.

Now, I am not in this game to win, or for the popularity. I do it, because I like it, and because, essentially I am good person. I feel, if I have the skills to help other people, then I should do it. With great skill comes a great responsibility. So I help, and support.

But it gets to a point, where it is honestly a bit of an unequal one sided thing.

So, if I am to help the next leader of the conservatives here in Denmark, he has to give something back. It shouldn’t be a lot. But something that is of value to him. You know I would appreciative a simple high five, a thank you Asger, for your service.

It doesn’t have to be economy or something like that. Just a simple thank you, preferably officially would mean a lot to me.

Thanks guys, I guess I just had to get off of my chest.

So in this world, there is a universal economy, of giving and taking. If we learn to give, we will make the world a bit better.

G-d bless the will, to be able to share our love and appreciation.

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