Sweden has wanted to be a humanistic country. With this, I really feel that we have a common understanding.

In Denmark, I am widely vilified, especially by the other humanists. They see me as a rogue.

But as the LEADING humanist, I believe that they are simply too shallow in their understanding of the current conflicts. Like my predecessors Poul Henningsen and Georg Brandes.

It is called the “supreme enlightenment”. Supreme enlightenment must mean that it is elevated above something.

Elevation can only be, if you are somehow better than something else. In fact, I see my humanistic enlightenment philosophy as above the rest. I truly believe, that I have understood the problems that we face better than my fellow humanists.

Where we differ are in two points. First it is in the handling of Islam. Secondly it is in the understanding of nationhood.

Let us consider the first point. I have never targeted ALL of Islam, but the part that has gone full force on the medieval version of Islam. That is; world domination, killing of heathens, rape as a method of warfare, extermination of innocents Yazidis and so on. What we have come to define as islamists, and the entire world, even other muslims are fighting it around the world.

I believe that the world has proved me right.

Secondly. Nationhood is mentioned in the hermetic scriptures that I have read, over and over and over again. Egypt this, Egypt that, Egypt, Egypt, Egypt. Humanism adores the nation of Egypt.

In fact humanism, in its original form, SUPPORTS the nation.

There is an intricate balance in the philosophy of checks and balances that work within a nation. Going Diogenetian and become a citizen of the world does not work with humanism. You have to choose either, and in fact, Diogenes ended up as a slave, because he lost all his money and had nothing to protect him. All humans need a nation.

So far my solution is the MOST humane that I have possibly could figure out. War is terrible, especially a war with an enemy that finds rape as a tool acceptable. So we need to realise, that if and when we fight, atrocities are a part of fighting. The difficult thing in a fight is to keep the professional and humane attitude to the fight, and not engage in mass slaughter and extermination of the opponent.

Therefor my solution has been to repatriate migrants that have entered Europe. This solution keeps the fighting to a minimum, and leaves both parties alive.

G-d bless the will to find humane solutions to difficult problems.

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