Well, as things need to be dealt with in foreign policy, we also need to keep the ball rolling in the department of Climate Change.

I have been sailing a lot this summer, as a part of my work with my little TV station. Sailing with my 23 footer, “The Mermaid”.

Most of the sailing has been done in the internal waters of the Limfjorden, maybe the best sailing area in Denmark. At least amazingly beautiful. Sailing is tough, you know, but it is also a possibility to see things and reach places that you normally would not be able to reach. As you Americans have your horses and ride into the sunset, we Danes have our sailing boats to give us freedom.

Pretty cool, actually.

Anyway, the story goes, that I was sailing to the remote Island of Livø, one of the few spots where, by the grace of the almighty, happiness and sustainability goes hand in hand.

You Americans know the vibe, because it is the same vibe that mr. Niels Bohr brought with him to the US in the Manhattan project.

A small island in the middle of the fjord, that is simply; happy.

When I arrived at the island, it was after a harrowing sailing trip. I havn´t had the Mermaid sailing for some time, so I was a bit pressed. She handled the pressure amazingly, but the waters just outside the harbour of Livø was a dangerous and difficult strait to cross, and I was a bit tired. So my arrival in the harbor was quite difficult and not that elegant. I had to arrive with sails in my hand, and happened to arrive too fast.

Anyway, I was helped, in the harbor, by a young gentleman in a one masted seafaring vessel, and I instantly liked him.

So I asked him what he was doing on the island of Livø, and he told me, that he was attending there as a part of the Socialist folkehøjskole summercamp. He told me, that he had been there since he was 5. Pretty cool guy. His ship needed repair, it was a bit unkept, but it could still sail all the way from Copenhagen to Livø.

So, I asked him, what this summercamp was all about, and he told me, that it was kind of the inspirational camp for all in the left wing party of Socialist Folkparty.

Anyway, I went down in my bunk, and rested for a bit, it was a harrowing experience sailing through Limfjorden, and I had to have some rest. But the next day I made a few appointments with the spiritual leader of Livø, and the proprietor of the Island, to try and understand what is going on on Livø.

And I will entertain you good folks who read here on over the next few weeks, because, boy was that a beautiful, harmonious understanding of sustainability. And the best of it all, it worked. Everybody was happy when I was there, even the animals!

G-d bless the will to see sustainability as something worth our while.

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