It is kind of strange, that much of the politics that I have advised mr. Obama to do in the last six years, seem to be the core of mr. Trumps candidacy. That is a fight against IS and a renewed focus on american worker jobs.

In that sense, the next four years at least seem to be a Obama 2.0, just with a lot more force to the politics.

Even some of the ideas that Obama was kind of forced to go away from is taken up again by mr. Trump. The renewed friendship with Russia, the anti EU stance and a pro Israel stance.

That is all good and all, but where does that leave us?

It leaves us at a political revolution, in the sense, that these ideas are truly novel, they are rooted in a deep faith in the ideas of France and the U.S. The first democratic revolution and with that a new foe to bear.

It seems so self-explanatory. Who wouldn’t fight the IS? Well, even though that everybody agrees on it, it still is a Obama policy.

The next natural step will then be to really expand that fight, but here I think you should consider the plans already made, and then find your own way mr. Trump. It is your call.

The plan was to prepare the U.S. for a guerrilawar. If you look at the strategies of IS, what they do is to make a guerilla war. That is, they use the cityscape infrastructure to their advantage.

They hide in the cities, using pinpoint attacks on their adversaries. They are doing that to a great success in Iraq. They are dedicated, intelligent and strategic. Using their resources very wisely.

The armies they are facing are made for European large scale war. That is, meeting on the battlefield, opposing each other in a grand battle. The tank is one of those war machines that do not work that well in a cityscape with snipers.

So we have needed to make new weapons suited for a cityscape fight.

I have talked a lot about drones, that is drones in all sizes, big and small. Why? Because that alleviates the strength of the guerilla tactic. If you send in a swarm of tiny drones (Darpa should be ready with this) into a cityscape held by the jihadis, they are defenseless against it. At the same time only machines are put in harms way, not humans, sparing the lives of soldiers.

This tactics are used with a lot of success by mr. Obama in Afghanistan is however only in its infancy. The drones are big and bulky. They are turning small and smart.

What is really the news of it all is network connected small drones, or rather swarms of drones carrying a small but lethal payload.

These small drones can find the islamists in their lair, and kill them when that happens. It should work.

Actually it was tried by domestic forces in a terror attack in the U.S. with success.

But imagine these things produced on a mass scale. It will be hard to counter. (It should be made available to the infantry as well)

Israel has developed some countermeasures to the tunnel building of the islamists in Gaza. If you have problems with the sappers of IS, ask mr. Netanyahu about it, he will help.

DO NOT divulge this tech to anyone outside the U.S. even Israel. It is not that I do not trust Israel, I do, very much, but this tech is the one that is going to win us the war against IS, so we need to keep it under US control for as long as possible. Also, be very aware of Chinese hackers, they have been siphoning a lot of military secrets in the past. This tech however appears to be out of their reach for now. Nonetheless, be very careful when you use it. One piece of the tech falling into the enemies hands, and they will be able to reverse engineer it.

We will have to discuss tactics in regards to our European allies. I have already touched a little bit on this, but I will be back with more thoughts on this. We however have to be a little tough with them to make them carry their fair share. Some are also directly allied with IS, so we need to push them even harder.

Nevertheless,, to be commander in chief is all about tactics and strategy.

There is already a complicated and highly successful strategy in place that will just have to be continued to bring more success to the US.

G-d bless the United States of America.


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