Listen Joe, you can’t fight everybody. You can fight some, with success, and then find peace with others.

International politics is a chess game, you have some friends and some enemies.

When we did the peace with the Iranians, we at the same time made peace with Russia, so we could focus on China.

Thereby making some friends, and initiating hostile action with others.

Each player in the field have different characteristics and rules they play by.

Iran is an enigma. On one hand the populace is actually on our side, it is a matter of time before the mullahs will fall. At the other side, we actually made an agreement with the mullahs, that they actually abided by, even though they saw a lot of hostility coming their way from Netanyahu.

So, we have potential ally in the Iranians, if we are honest and fair with them. Dont treat them rashly, they are heirs to a magnificent culture, going all the way back to Biblical times, they invented the concept of good.

Treating the Iranians badly will only fall back on ourselves, so, as I see it, we should negotiate with them in good faith. They kept their promises the last time, so why not this time around.

Russia is another basket of trouble. We in the West gain absolutely nothing in fighting the Russians, and they are not as they were. Communism is gone.

At the other hand, we have a lot of geopolitical trouble with China, so that war is inevitable.

That is why, my take on the international political situation was to make peace in the Middle East, in a fair way, and then focus on the problem in our own back yard.

To win the next election, honestly, we need to focus on China. People in the US recognise the threat of China, and they are not happy with the way we drew out of Afghanistan.

Sorry, but that is the way people look at it, so we need to respect their views to win the election.

So, it makes sense, to focus on China. The question is just, how?

War will come, it is as it is. The geopolitical changes in and around China is the reason why. There has been small steps here and there, and war can be many things. It does not necessarily involve physical fighting, it can be black psy ops, infiltration, Cold War, cyber war, economical war and all of that in between.

But the confrontation is there, and we need to do what we can to finish it in a nice and humane way. But as long as China keeps growing in power, it is a threat.

The good thing is, that the Chinese seems to ready to talk, and maybe we can make some kind of deal with them. But outsourcing all of our production to them, is a stupid as shooting one self in the foot.

We shouldn’t be naive, and yet play the game as deft as we possibly can.

Think about where we should use our ressources. Once used, they will not come back, and though the army of the US is strong, a lot of things can actually go wrong, if the s.. hits the fan.

The army has not seen any real action for a long time, so the are not really ready to take on a serious competitor. So we need to be careful.

Make them ready at least, run some realistic war-games, involve our allies, including France, and the common wealth, and we will, hopefully, get ready. It is about seeing through the shop talk, and address the really issues of the U.S. in terms of security.

G-d bless the will to be ready and vigilant.

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