Well, concerning my blogposting yesterday discussing prayer and the soul as something spiritual.

These are my reflections. I know, that it is a massive leap in terms of philosophical as well and scientific thought. Relinking spirituality into science has not been done science the French Revolution.

But this is the Danish scientific revolution, so I hope that science is changing with this new renaissance.

First of all, it comes down to method. Science is, essentially platonism in the sense, that we adhere to the teachings of Plato that he tought his disciples in the small grove of Academus, the greek hero.

At a deeper level, Platonism is about finding and searching for truth. Plato describes this in many ways. First of cause in his famous cave allegory, where he describes humanity at the bottom of a cave, and the philosophers outside the cave trying to get the light (truth) into the cave. This the job.

He then elaborates with Socrates and the fight Socrates has with the government, because he does not want to shut up. You have this amazing painting of Jean Luc David depicting Socrates making a point while as he drinks his cup of Hemlock, effectively becoming the first martyr of free speech.

This inspired Voltaire, that inspired the American revolution.

At the core of this point is, that we should look and search for truth (enlightenment) at the cost of ridicule, persecution, and all that.

The exact thing that will happen to you, if you truly are honest about science. I can attest to this myself. I car barely pay my rent these days.

Looking at spirituality, this idea has been quite successful in debunking the power structure and conventions. It has lead to the extreme, that we do not believe in G-d anymore.

This is where I believe, that there is merit to the Danish renaissance. Because, as I see it, we have come too far. Just shutting up spirituality may have been the right thing to do 250 years ago. But there are a lot of necessary functions of religion, that we need to hold on to. In a positive sense, spirituality is a source of stability, good, mercy, family, treating the person besides you, as you would treat yourself.

And it can be an amazing journey into a realm that is very opaque, but yet positively life changing.

Take the AA for instance. Just think about all the wretched souls, that that religious community has done good for.

I respect the argument, that it can be abused, and it has been abused numerous times in history. But right now, we need it, to make balance again, as I see it.

I am a metaphysician, which is the scientific branch of religion. I use all the methods that science use; I work with empirical knowledge, I have put myself a rigorous process of trying to be absolutely true to what my data shows me.

The issue with spirituality is, that it is a realm of opaqueness. But I mean, that is what it is when you work with either the physical side of it, or the metaphysical side of it.

Niels Bohr concluded that light is made of both particels as well as waves, because he could see that what was going on.

I conclude, that there is a G-d because all empirical knowledge points to that conclusion. Add to this the argument of Anaxagoras, the very teacher of Plato, that G-d is intelligence.

This then gives merit to the world of spirituality; healing, praying and so on.

It is difficult to really understand what is going on, and I have worked extensively with these issues for my whole life, and I only get to understand a glimpse of it, to be honest.

But it is real, and we have to embrace that, I guess.

G-d bless the will to be open to the Danish Renaissance.

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