Well, as there is only one week to the election. I believe, that we are in a good position. If we compare the other two elections before this, first that of Cameron, and then of May. This time around we are actually much better faring. Why?

I would point to two factors. The first is the obvious conservative agenda. Brexit falls naturally along Conservative ideaology of one nation Great Britain.

Secondly it is about the leader, and this is where there is still a potential to reap in the final week.

One of the ‘secret weapons’ Mr. Barack Obama wielded with such alacrity and success, was his eminent ability to speak to the heart of the Americans. He is such an eloquent speaker.

This is something that has not been much in focus this election, but it is a very potent arrow in a good politicians quiver.

What we did in the last election where mr. Obama was doing his eminent work, was that we went around in different areas and spoke.

Mass rallies in factories, stadiums and so on.

Thing is, it is not only the listeners in the venue of the speech that is the target of the speech, it is all those who listens to the soundbites afterwards.

I mean, just think about it. ‘Yes we can!’, or ‘I have a dream’, or ‘tear down this wall’. All the defining moments of great speeches.

It is the most effective tool in a politicians workbench, if he is a good speaker.

So, that could, potentially, lead us to the end without loosing anymore ground, and perhaps win us over those seats in northern England.

G-d bless the will to speak.

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