Si vis pacem, para bellum

There is a good, solid conflict brewing in the West. The conflict between China and the US including mainly Anglo Saxon allies. That is the empire.

This conflict has its ups and down, the main up is the character of the conflict. It is totally unbloody. It is a new form of cold war, that we still have not really wrapped our heads around.

The arms race of cyberwar.

What is cyberwar? Cyberwar is essentially hacking gone crazy. Where hacking in the old world, before it was truly weaponised, was annoying the feds as small kids, and stealing secrets like Wikipedia, these days it is government controlled attacks on infrastructure and weapons.

You can, if you are really, really good, control a hangarship.

We have seen the potential of cyberwar in Israels complete wrecking of Iran and in Chinas small, but truly effective wrecking of Australia.

So, it is a new way of fighting, it favours those with the best computerskills and the best computers.

And guess who is leading the fray in this area, no you guessed wrong, it is not the US, it is China.

China is the best, not only a little, but they are in their own league.

Catching up to them, is what NATO and the Anglo-Saxons security measures is all about.

How do we do that?

We do it by looking at it as it is; it is a weapons race. As in the cold war with the Russians, it is not bombs we are racing to beat the chinese with, it is cyber machinery.

Where the competition in the old times were atomic warheads, these days it is the sheer power of quantum computing, hacking skills and so on.

In other words a job for Microsoft and mr. Bill Gates.

Put him in charge of this fight, if he wants, and you will see some real progress.

The thing is, it is complicated. You can’t just make more bombs, you need to make bigger computers, invest in security, manpower and so on. All this has to be integrated into all kinds of things.

So you need an expert to fight this fight, here mr. Gates is THE best choice to my mind. He loves his country, and he is a good guy.

He can do it. So put him on the task, with immense respect to his contribution to the world off cause. It is not an order or something of that kind, but a very, very kind request to help the US.

Otherwise the US, is in harms way a few years from now, and a good, solid, sympathetic fighter like Gates is the best bet to my mind, if he wants. Maybe he can recommend someone, if he is not interested in the job.

But, this time around it is not atomic warheads we need to worry about but hacking ability and capacity.

So lets build some serious hardware with that wonderful stamp on it; Made in America.

G-d bless the will to make peace if possible, but prepare for the worst. Si vis pacem, para bellum.

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