There is a lot of problems for Russia these days. Russia is accused for all kinds of things, half of them not right. The rest just things that can actually be proved or argued for in a sane manner.

But Russia have become the International scapegoat, because the West is too afraid to point at the real threats. It is bit like in the Byzantine time just before the fall of Constantinople. Even though the Turks were camped right before the gates, the intellectuals kept discussing angels.

It is the same today, the islamists are roaming in most of Europe, and because we are too weak to discuss these problems, we pick on the weaker target. We Jews know aaaall about that.

What do you do in order to use this process constructively. Essentially Russia has nothing to gain in targeting the West. There are no ideological motives, and nothing it could really gain.

I doubt the West will attack Russia directly, because that would not sit well with anyone, and Mr. Trump knows his true enemies anyway, so he will not support it.

But criticism can be used to a good cause, if you see it for what it is. Easy life tends to create abuse and loitering, hard life tends to create progress.

As Michael Psellus say, “Good is scarce”. In other words, the progress that Russia already has had in terms of Christian development can be solidified and developed perhaps along the lines of Michael Psellus an illustrious Byzantine neoplatonic philosopher.

In other words, ethics, virtue and being good is what gives Russia a true renaissance. Thinking about what and how Russian can be good to each other in family life, in communal life, in everywhere where Russians share something, spirit will and can guide them.

G-d bless Mother Russia.

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