Rev. King

Through the last fifty years, after rev. Martin Luther King died, there has been a war fought over his legacy.

But let us put it right. What he did, was to make a movement that was pro Israel, anti violence, and pro civil rights. That is the core of it.

Then, at the other side, there was the violent pro Islamic movement of Mr. Malcolm X.

In a sense, the migrants that were not white and had a direct descendence to men of the north were split into two. One that wanted to integrate, have an equal say, be just a normal part of society, the other who wanted to sow discord and bring war to the society.

Today we are still there. For me, being a civil rights man, I believe, that I have taken the ideas of rev. King a step further.

I have brought war to those who fight our democracy, that of ISIS, and I have rejected all those migrants who are destructive and abusive of the society.

In fact, I believe, that the worst problem we have right now, are the fear mongering, criminal, abusive migrants who reject the civil rights.

They are the ones who sow discord, and then how are we going to live together in harmony?

By rejecting the chaos sowers, I believe, that the right of those who are not exactly white in their skin, have proved the loyalty to the society in general.

This is dangerous, and the fact of the matter is, that the right wing have actually taken these ideas to them first, and then the left wing.

But for both sides, I truly hope, that the path that I have created will be a path of peace and stability.

Especially those who are at the margin of society will be the ones who benefit. There is white trash, and black trash. What is the difference? There is no difference, we all suffer from being poor. We are all the same.

In these difficult times, please let us remember, that there is one thing we hold in common. Our humanity.

G-d bless the will to see the world in its potential, not in its divisions.

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