Respect for the Americans

We are actually moving into a situation, where the EU may have a good voice in the Middle East. My application has been taken seriously, and it has given me a little thought as to what this may mean at the long term.

First of all, when the EU elevates its game in terms of diplomacy, because the project that I have applied with is a 100% diplomatic explorative endeavor, the EU will be faced with the diplomatic task of keeping the friendship with the US.

I know, that this is a kind of new situation, that we have to think about that. But the fact of the matter is, that the EU has a slightly different approach to the Middle East than the US. The sole focus on diplomacy is a little different than the use of force in the war.

This is not, that it is a problem, but we have to think about that.

My take on it is solely, that we should focus on what we share; values. We are both American in the sense, that we share humanistic/democratic roots, and if the EU tries to do some reconciliation, then it would be fine in relation to the Americans.

But, and this is extremely important, we really need to accept the sovereignty of the US in the Middle East. They are much more embedded in the Middle East, and they have a much longer history.

We also have to respect, that they are the first movers on most issues.

BUT, and this is where I see that we have an opportunity. We can foster and plant the dialogue in the Middle East. Trying to build bridges, and plant respect for the different opponents. In an exploratory way. Not concluding anything, trying to listen to the different players, being the uniter, and not the divider.

If we do that, with the utmost respect for the US administration, that I personally happen to like a lot. Blinken is a really good person, and Biden is also an amazing person. Then my hope is, that we can actually work together. Strengthen the friendship across the Atlantic.

So, it is a very important stance to take, that we are WITH the Americans in most ways.

We have to be very careful, and really listen to what the Americans have of priority, and follow them on that.

G-d bless the friendship across the Atlantic, and may it deepen and become stronger, and may we rule by the same virtues of freedom and human acceptance. G-d bless the cooperation and real friendship with the American administration, that we admire so much.

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