We are truly living in revolutionary times, I have realised this, as I have kept reading about Paracelsus the rennaissance Doctor who revolutionized medicine.

He lived in a time, where the pest was all encompassing, then there was syphilis and countless other diseases that swept away whole villages. 

The medicinal arts had basically not changed since the antiques and it simply had no effect. 

It created such a deep crisis in the European society, that something had to be done. Enter Paracelsus.

Paracelsus was a quack and a vagabond, he wandered most of what we then thought was the world, and he sucked up all knowledge of that time. 

What he ended up doing, was to invent a whole new way to work with medicine. 

Medicine went from a philosophical discussion on the humors of the body, to being a strict empirical science, still is today. That is medicine looks at the body, and focuses on how the body works. It then tries to design a remedy. 

Paracelsus also was totally open minded anything that worked, he took it in. Folk medicine, magic, whatever, as long as it worked. One example is the willowbark tee, that soothed headaches. This is what is behind aspirin. 

So he was the real deal in a time where people demanded new answers. 

The same goes for politics these days. The political system that we have ended up with after hundreds of years of tinkering with it, is not working anymore. The result is a gigantic crisis. 

Europe is flooded with migrants, that is tearing the whole place asunder. The US and UK had plummeting economies, people are desperate for new answers, because they can see things are falling apart.

Enter the political philosopher. 

It may sound preposterous, but in many ways I feel a kindred spirit in Paracelsus. As me, he sought for answers in places other people see as wrong and not that fine. As me he is a weird type, not fitting in anywhere. As me he is absolutely convinced about his own knowledge that is way deeper than anything else anyone is bartering these days. As me, he is treated with utmost both scorn and appraisal.

A truth seeker and a magus. A unconventionalist and an iconoclast.

So as they lived in a medicinal revolution in the 16th century, today we are living in a political revolution. 

And it is not fancy ideas people are looking for, they are looking for something that crudely works.

This is what has happened in the US, that is at the helm of this development. The ideas that Barack and I put in the system is working, and it is slowly turning around the boat.

But also in the UK, in Israel, in Denmark and France. 

New, freshly minted political solutions to problems really dire. That will create what I inteded: A rennaissance. 

A rebirth of the ancients ideas.

G-d bless the will to understand new ideas and then use them to the good of Europe and all those who believe in that.

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