Red indians

The green agenda is not really going in the right direction. In Canada and Holland, we have these huge demonstrations of farmers, and all farmers in the world, are just waiting for their turn to be “the problem”.

To me, this has absolutely nothing to do with the idea of caring for nature.

Last weekend at had the supreme honour to be a part of a Sundance festival. It is a red indian ceremony that has taken a bit of root here in Denmark. Through some of my good friends, I was invited. It gave me an insight into who these people were, who was the origin behind all the green change ideas.

They were the absolute opposite of all the hard handedness that the farmers are handled with. Nice, peaceful, loving people who didn’t think about politics, but of being good people, sharing, having fun, singing, praising nature.

Going from that perspective to a harsh handling of the farmers just doesn’t make sense. What the green movement is about is positive, it is about the nurture the forest, the appreciation of the trees.

It is beautifully poetic and sees nature for what it is.

There is nothing wrong in learning a bit from the red Indians, and their beautiful vision. Me coming from a platonic perspective, I see a lot similarities, not least the beautiful, positive look on life.

We should remember this, when we are working on the green agenda. If we end up in methods that are not beautiful, we miss the entire point.

The green change is about love and light, and caring. For nature, but also for everybody else. It is the good guys, being nice to everybody around them.

The aim is a better world, where we share and dance and are happy.

G-d bless the will to be honest and light giving.

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