Well, the thing is with the current development of the world; we need to be able to reach over the aisle. But in order to do that, we also need to find compromises.

I know, that a lot of liberals do not like, that we have to accept borders. But if we pound down that road, not listening to the conservatives, then we end up in all these horrible conflicts.

When Hillary and I discussed it, we tried to find some kind of compromise, to reach out for the right, and make friends.

There is a time for uncompromising attitude, and a time for dialogue.

As a friend of mine has said, we need to be wary. But that does not mean, that we should not try and make some kind of compromise, if it is possible.

These compromises are often pretty painful, for both sides. But if they are good, they can make things calm down.

I am not saying that we should do compromises that are behind our red lines, but if there is a way to find peace within our red lines, we should definitely do that.

The diplomatic process is then all about trying to make people come back in between the red lines.

G-d bless the will to do good, have good thoughts and good action.

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