Ok, Rishi, this is it, another go at making some kind of progress in the UK.

First of all, one of the low hanging fruits of premiership is to connect to foreign leaders. It is an easy way to make a statement.

But, and this is where you need to chose, you need to come up with how you view mr. Putin. This issue is difficult. If I understand the signals from Washington correctly, they are swinging more towards east. To confront the threat of China, that is growing by the minute.

Here a better relationship to the European Union is a good thing, and can, perhaps, mend some of the wounds that were inflicted on the relationship in Brexit.

It would also soothe some of the tension in the UK, where the remainers are still feeling the sting of the loss.

Uniting the UK, is to reach out to the remainers and the EU, and perhaps find some kind of reconciliation.

That would be a good first move.

Then we need to work on the economy and the internal conflicts that are still ripe in the UK.

G-d bless the will to find reconciliation in the UK.

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