Reaching out

Ok Rishi, one of the things a premier minister does in hos first days, is to reach out to our allies. Especially these days, where the UK is in trouble due to energyprices spiking, we need to reach out and get some help. Yes, it will cost us a little, but this is the time we need to use our friends. I am quite sure, that the Americans are waiting for a call.

Just call mr. Biden, I KNOW he will be happy to receive your call, and make a statement internationally as to your leadership. If you want to go from junior to senior, you need to do what seniors do. And that is show the force of the country to the world.

Asking for help in terms of energy may be humbling, but the people of the UK needs help.

In such a time, you call your friends.

The US is a great friend, so the Americans will share some of its ressourcer with a brother in need.

G-d bless the will to reach out to the United States of America.

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