Well, now we have the eternal discussion on “race” in England again. This at a moment, where we were supposed to meet in unity. That was a shame.

How do we go about tackle that problem.

At the very core of the problem lie the idea of a “race”.

I believe, that only at understanding and shifting focus at the very core of the problem, can we truly solve the problem.

This will get a little philosophical, but bear with me.

The idea of “race” is a pretty old one in England, you can read about it in Ivanhoe and it stood in the center at the ideas of Darwin.

In essense Darwin theorizes, that each animal race will fight each other for dominance in a given habitat.

But there are several objections to this theory, and only by discussing the very core of the theory do we change the world.

First of all, there are no human races in a Darwinian definition. There is actually only one race, and that is humans.

Then we tend to have a little different skin color, but we are still all just humans.

We can all get children with each other, so we are the same race.

That is essentially one objection to the darwinian theories. Then there is another one, that is even more important.

Darwin was very much inspired by Goethe, who saw nature as a place of fighting, but also a place of great beautiful things as love, harmony and acceptance.

We should realize, that by banging that drum of race all the time, what we essentially do, is banging the drum of discord and conflict.

There is another element in the original ideas of Goethe, and that is the very essence of spirituality as something good and beautiful.

Maybe we should stop focusing on war all the time, and start focusing on the good of nature as well.

I mean, isn´t that what the climate discussion is all about?

That idea of a world in harmony and spirituality?

I know, there are off cause conflicts we have to tackle, and we should do that with the utmost of force and intelligence, to aim at a world of peace.

But banging the drum of race will only get us to one place; meanless conflict.

Maybe we should stop using the term wrongly, and see it for what it is; a social construct.

G-d bless the will to find harmony and peace.

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