Okay, I have had a number of philanthropist hitting my Facebook page.

I dont know, if this is by coincidence or that some of these great, and truly amazing people, are willing to help me invest in different projects.

As of now, I have amassed a few projects, that is planned to go through the EU funding portal, and I am working on finding more good projects.

Denmark has one of the most interesting environments when it comes to green Change, and new tech for bringing an abundant and free world in terms of sustainable solutions. It may sound like bragging, and I apologize. It is not about bragging, but to help some of these amazing ideas coming to life.

But also share some of the experiences we have with solar panel communities, new ways of growing trees, new ways of propelling cars and I have a simple water mill as well.

Anyway I have dug up a lot of interesting projects.

Also, I would really like to move onto the world stage with my SOME project TV Frihed (TV Freedom).

I am working on an application to try and bring reconciliation to the Middle East, and I have talked a bit with the European movement here in Denmark about covering the EU election.

These things take time, there is a lot of paper work that has to be done, and the budgetting requirements of the Horizon funding system is very detailed. But that is good, it is good to have a clear understanding of what we are doing and trying to make.

Also, I have been working on a project in Africa. I have applied to the prince Zayed fund with a project. It has evolved as well, we are talking about making trees and vegetables that can actually grow in salt water. We have a connection to a scientist, that is working with these things on a very high level. So growing vegetables along the sea, watering the vegetables with sea water is maybe a possibility.

Anyway, the last thing, I would really like to work with is metaphysics/physics, so there is a project to invest in, if you wish. I just need some money and a place to stay, where I can delve deeper into the whole discussion, maybe even share these discussions with other scientists.

So, if you wish to invest in some of these projects, please send me a mail on

It is confidential, and if we find that there is a way to move some of the projects that I have fund, that would be a boon for the world.

Concerning priority. My own priority is first and foremost to try and make reconciliation in the Middle East, then the green Change. The whole physics/metaphysics debate can be put in here and there, if you wish.

So please, send me a mail, and indicate your interests, and hopefully we can further some of these agendas together.

G-d bless the will to do good in the world.

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