Prince Harry

Ok, so the royal family is in trouble. Harry is trying to realise his own purpose here in life, and because he is such a strong and truly willfull person, this creates a lot of problems.

Harry, in many ways, I have always been a true fan of you. The potential you show, is so great, that it really could bring the world to a much better place than where it is today. Why? Because you are such a powerful person, when it comes to truly moving the world. I remember, when I first saw your speech at the athletics tournament. I just knew, that a true prince of England was born, right there.

But being second in line, is much more difficult than being born to reign. The problem is, you need to earn your place at the table.

Now, how do you do that. You do it by listening to what the country needs. You are a prince of England, at least to England, and the English people you are. That is really what matters. Not which place you may have in the official lists.

That is the truly difficult thing to work out, because how are you supposed to be a prince of England, while as you are not in the system?

Ok, I will tell you a story, that may give you a possible answer to that.

A month ago, I was travelling the forests of Denmark. I do a long line of stories for the TV station about our forest. Forests is nature, and I believe it is very important for our planet to care for our forests, so that we support the beauty of nature. Our planet is a living, breathing, beautiful thing that is alive. I am very good friends with the part of our society here in Denmark that cares for nature, a grand old aristocrat called Hans, who used to be an adventurer and a spiritual leader. When John Lennon was here in Denmark, he talked to Hans. And when Dalia Lama was here, he send his right hand to talk to Hans.

So following Hans example. I went out, to document the beauty of the forest, and try to commune with it in a way.

You know, when I was at the top of the forest I was in a forest called Dronninglund storskov. The Queens glade, it started speaking to me. I was totally in shock, but it had all kinds of things it wanted me to do. We have a great problem here in Denmark with a system called rewilding that is really hurting the animals, and another system called NNP, that is destroying the forests.

Prince Frederik lives just besides Hans, so he knows this issue.

So what is really the message here?

Harry, the message is. Don’t listen to what people around you are saying. Cut the chatter, and go to England. Travel the forests there, and listen to what England has to say.

You are its prince, and it needs you. I don’t know what England truly needs of you, I am a philosopher of Denmark, but my experience is. You need to be there, connect, talk to country. Not the media or the glitterati of stars. But the country itself.

Connect with your old friends at the army, travel around, get your head out of all the conflict, and find yourself as what you are.

When you do that, you will have a better understanding of your purpose.

And know this, you are always welcome in Denmark.

Go through Frederik, or whatever you want. But we believe in you, you have so much potential.

G-d bless the will to find solace in the fact, that you as a person is wonderful and truly something special. G-d bless England, and may it always live.

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