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Climate Change is the great redeemer or, the best answer to some of the priorities of the left wing in the world these days.

There is only, essentially, one serious problem, that is the fact, that in order to do anything about these developments of negative application of man made progress, you have to be really, really smart.

There are good things, but the few successes illustrates, how difficult it really is.

The greatest success, so far, is the invention of the electric car as a viable option.

We have had electrical cars for a long time, but it really took the genius of mr. Elon Musk to made a system that really made any sense for people in relation to the fossil fueled car.

Anyway, this just shows the difficulty of this.

But my first advise concerning climate Change is to focus and help the carindustry in its efforts to make electrical cars.

BUT, and this is where there is a crucial development that needs to be addressed.

If we fuel these cars with energy made with fossil fuel, there is no real idea with the whole endeavor except that we get some cool cars.

That is why ENERGY PRODUCTION is really important. We need to create ways to make energy that is truly renewable. There is solar power, there is wind power and a number of other ways to do this. But a focus on making power that is truly renewable is important.

Here is where the catch is; the technologies that is behind the whole system are immature.

Take wind power. You get power from wind when the wind blows. Sometimes it blows a lot, sometimes it doesn’t blow at all.

This means, that is a source of energy that is highly volatile. The consequence is, that we need a way to STORE the energy.

Here there are a lot of ideas, but what we really need, is a cost effective way to do it. It has to be cheap in order to work.

The more we focus on making renewable energy, the cheaper it gets. This is something that I can see here in Denmark, where we have been leading in energy development in. Oersted realized the connection between magnetism and electricity. An invention that gave us the electrical motor. Niels Bohr gave us atomic energy, and actually worked on a safe way of making energy from splitting atoms by using a material called Thorium instead of Plutonium. That is an interesting avenue of research there.

These days, the rave in danish energy research is something called ‘Power to X’. The idea behind the research is to make a conveying material between the windmills, solar farms etc. and real use.

What the researchers are working on, is hydrogen as a conveying form. They convert the power to hydrogen and then from there it can be converted to many different forms of fuel to be used in cars, shipping, power plants etc.

In fact, it can be converted to Methanol, that is pretty easy to use in just normal cars. In fact Methanol can be used be any car really, just by a simple computer upgrade. AND it is a fuel that makes the motor run 25 % faster. The fuel is normally used by race cars and race bikes. I know this after doing a series of interviews with the geeks at the different research institutions in Denmark.

So, that is the way to go forward, if we want to make a flexible energy grid based on renewable fuels.

I am working quite focused on this development here in Denmark, and hopefully this development can be to the good of humanity. But, and this is very important to me. If we can work with our friends around the world to make it more green, we are so open to this.

We invented most of the modern energy consumption based on renewable energy and are still leading in this field, but that only makes it a good way to share our knowledge and insight with all who wish to be a part of this interesting development.

So, you are most welcome, especially our American friends, who are really interested in this, but also off cause Germany, France and England. Anyone who world potentially benefit of this new and exiting development.

We can fly to the moon, maybe we can actually put some ways of making energy when we are on the moon, or Mars.

G-d bless the will to do better with green energy consumption.

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