I have thought quite a bit about the Pittsburg massacre of Jews in a synagogue, here is my take on it.

First of all loosing your children or your parents in a senseless attack is devastating, it does not go away, but continues the rest of your life. The hole that is left in your family can never be filled, it just stays there.

Then comes the doubt, the guilt on your own part. Could I have done something else, what is my part in this and so on.

But what we should do, is to turn it around, and see it as it is. It is just another scapegoat attack. We Jews are collectively held responsible for a the action of a few stupid and destructive Jews.

It is like this, wether we like it or not.

On the political right, where I am also, there is a rising in Nazism. These people hold George Soros, and other jews, responsible for the open borders policing and the post nazism ideology of cultural Marxism and the like.

They blame it on the Jews, because some of the leading figures are Jews.

I believe, that their criticism is right, but the conclusion is totally absurd. There is no Jewish conspiracy, but just political ideas and trends resulting in the possible death of the West.

It has gone too far, the entirety of the West is in danger of collapsing.

Here I believe, as a Danish Jew, that we help and try to turn the tide.

In that sense, we, the Jewish Conservatives, are the most important to counter this development, because we are Jews, and we agree that West should not die.

This proves, that there is no Jewish conspiracy, but, as always, some Jews believe this, other Jews believe something else.

None of us claim to talk for all Jews, well we have things on common of cause, that is a culture and a descendance, but politically we disagree, very much.

Turn it around, then we have an option here. My movement is actually, as strange as it may sound, the best bet Israel has for existential defense. If it dies, the West may just turn against Israel, and then that project is very difficult to sustain.

So please, help me, support me the best you can, I am your best bet.

G-d bless the hapless victims of the Pittsburg attack, we remember you, and feel with you. Losing your loved ones are always a catastrophe, but at the end of the day, you will meet them again some day, maybe when you go to G-d.

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