Pick the winners

Ok, so there is a major summit on climate change coming up, and these are the experiences that I have from Denmark, that the world can use.

First of all, there are essentially two categories to work on. The first is nature, and the second is renewable energy.

Often these two categories tend to get mixed, and you get a less than desireable result.

Take the discussion on the reduction of CO2 gasses. This is a problem due to excessive use of fossile fuel, and not really a problem due to food production, here other issues are important.

So we need to reduce the CO2 emission by reducing the consumption of fossile fuel, not by reducing food production.

My experience with this agenda is riddled with a lot af drama. First our current PM tried the hard way, resulting in mass demonstrations and awful, terrible destinies for the involved minkproducers.

This has almost toppled her government, and these days she is fighting for her life in politics.

So learning from this mistake, the next phase was much more positive. Here she really worked on dialogue, reaching out to the farmers, crafting a solution across the aisle. Perfectly executed, and really good work.

So, this is how it should be done, through dialogue and understanding. We need to talk about it, and find solutions across the aisle.

What has materialized out the long, long negotionations is a plan to DEVELOP the farming industri in a more green direction, using new technical systems and tools. There are many under development.

The same goes for the fishing industry, that is trying to find a constructice way out of the conundrum of climate change discussion.

We need to really respect the farmers and the fishermen, they are hardworking, industrious, nature loving people.

So by RESPECTING these people, we can get somewhere.

So, the next issue that is really interesting is renewable energy. Here creativity and new ideas are really the way forward. We have so many good ideas in the industry, power to x, thorium energy, windmills, solar panels, energy produced out of farming waste and so on. We have hyperloop, electric cars and many other new tech.

As any other business field, because essentially it is just business, though ethical business, trial and error must rule, and the best ideas must win.

Make it a free thinking environment of technical developement, and we will have some interesting new ideas to rule the day.

But again RESPECT the new ideas, by giving them recognition. Make a Nobel price for the best green idea, cover the new items in the news and so on. Be respectful and positive, and then pick the winners.

G-d bless the will to find new ways for climate change.

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