Phase II

We have covered the ideological basis of the fight against ISIS. It has been like that from the beginning, and will continue like that. It is an American lead democratic fight against an inhuman enemy. Something we saw in all simplicity in the attack in Manchester. 

The power brokers of ISIS seems to have had much to free a rein for all too long, it is about time to stop that. This is where we go from phase one to phase two. Phase one was in the Middle East only. We made it a proxy war, and sought to diminish our involvement to the airborne forces primarily. 

This was due to two considerations. First we needed to recuparate after the Bush wars, and secondly we did not have the public support for another war. 

War in Europe is different. We have public support for that, and we have restocked our armory. 

Add to this a R & D focused on infantry gureillawar. We are ready. At least the American side is ready. 

So what should we do now?

We need to keep the focus we had in the first phase. The concentration of power, solely focused on the enemy, and being very careful not to harm any civilians has payed of very well. This has given us the upper hand in the Middle East. 

We need to continue this strategy in Europe. Be VERY precise in our operations. ONLY ISIS combatants or supporters should be targeted, and we have to be 100 % sure, that the enemies we hit are in fact enemies. 

We also need to think a bit about collusion on the municipal level. There are a lot of mayors who are actively working with the enemy. It happens in the UK and it happens in Denmark. So we need to take this into consideration. 

My idea is, that we simply ignore the collusion in the first phase, and concentrate on hitting the ISIS combatants. 

War is black and white. The colluders in the political rank will probably join our side as the war unfolds. 

Finally, we need to realize, that this is the time that the funding of the army has to hit the 2 % mark at least, if not more. 

All NATO members should start chipping in. All. 

Focus, precision, superb intel, and a relentless attitude without fear should get us some results. 

They are actively killing our kids, this is the call for action. Otherwise, what else is?

G-d bless the will to protect our children.  

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