After the long symposium that I have just attended at Oxford university, a lot of good analysis and understanding have evolved as a result of the discussion.

First of all, I have been quite critical against woke for some time. The reason being, that I do not see this new cultural marxist idea to be very much in contact with the whole idea behind cultural marxism. Cultural marxism is, at its core a religious, humanistic, Jewish philosophy, that seek to further the right of the individual.

The mass movement of woke is against the very idea of woke, that is supposed to see each individual as something sacred.

How can safe spaces, and political correctness have anything to do with the sacredness of an individual?

Harking back to the beginning of cultural marxism; Adorno, Horkheimer is to realise that the opposite of nazism is not just the fight for a fair treatment of minorities, which I think is extremely important, but much more, the ability to treat people humanely. Freedom of speech being the main idea.

Enlightenment, that Adorno speaks about, is being true.

I also believe, as a result of the discussion, that there must be a certain faithfullness to the idea of non violence. I know that in Ukraine and the Middle East, we have to defend ourselves, but the point of non violence is essentially, that war is about the virtues of each opponent. If you find yourself fighting against a party, that is totally beautiful in terms of ethics, and carries the sacrifice that they have to endure with a smile.

Then you fight against someone, who are truly good persons.

Seeing each other for what we are, is important, and making safe spaces, to shut that important truth out, is a step in the wrong direction.

Thoreau, who came up with the ideas of non violence, was a principled person, who preferred going to jail, rather than obey an unjust law. He was a simple living guy, who just didn’t accept the rules, if they were unjust.

That is the true example.

G-d bless the will to truly find peace, in a world of conflict.

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