Dear Volodomir Zelenski, all international bodies have tried, whatever they could, to try and alleviate the situation in Ukraine.

It has come to almost nothing.

The reason is, that Ukraine has become a part of the international game. Where we, in the Arabic spring, tried to help the Arabs becoming more humanistic and free, the reason why we in the west try and support Ukriane, has nothing to do with political ideals, but what YOU project. That of a courageous individual, that tries to survive.

Therefor, the only way for an international solution to come, is if YOU change your rethorics.

Instead of calling for help, call for a time where we can negotiate.

This does not mean, that the help has to stop, but the only one right now, that can actually move the issue, is yourself, because you have become an international celebrity.

Use that sway over the international agenda, to argue for a plan, that will, hopefully, end in peace.

When Denmark had a long fight with Germany, we ended up in making a democratic vote, where each part of Denmark wanted to stay. That was painful. But in this circumstance, a stop in the war, will help us avoid not only blood shed in Ukraine, but also Third World War.

G-d bless the will to stop the bloodshed in Ukraine and a Third World War.

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