Ok, the problem about the situation in the world today is like this:

Nobody listens to the other side, and poor Ukraine is in the middle getting squeezed and mauled.

Here is an analysis, that takes the perspective of both sides, to try and relate the understanding from each side.

The aim is absolutely not to make a greater conflict, but to try and make people understand the other part of the conflict. As K.E. Løgstrup say, 80% of all conflicts are just misunderstandings.

So, let us first try and see this from a Russian perspective. Russia is, more or less, getting all the benefits of the war in Ukraine, a lot of new allies, an expanse in terms of political clout all around the world. Africa is going with Russia. Why? Because Russia seems to be the one who has the best case. Donetsk is a part of Ukraine, that is Russian, in any way that it makes sense. So people around the world see it as a just cause. They won’t say it out loud, to alienate the Western alliance, but that is their perspective. In other words, the strategy, that mr. Putin has made from the beginning, that happens to be copy of how my ideas was with war, always keep the moral high ground, is getting him a sound victory. Well, it is my idea, based on an analysis of the Pelleponesian war, so I can’t say anything else, that that it is a good strategy.

Zelenski, being new to the game, has no idea about the ideas that I, as I was the main advisor for Barack Obama have made, so he fights in his own way. He has some wins, not the least his media campaign, but the world still, more or less, seem to think that Russia has the moral high ground, and they therefor go with Russia.

Now, if you turn the perspective around, and see it from the western alliance, it is more or less like this. Zelenski is a good and just president, that we have a moral obligation to support. Not only this, he also gives us an opportunity to fight the Russians by sending Zelensky a lot of weapons. So, the justification for the war lies in the faith in Zelenski. Now Zelenski is a good guy. He wants the best for his people, and he is a liberal. So, I am not to criticise him as a person, but his and his peoples METHODS are not good. We have seen horrible pictures of people tied to posts, there is the problem with the Azov unit being openly nazi and using dark magic.

So maybe the over all cause of Zelenski is right, but his methods are wrong.

So really what it all comes down to, is that there is no real right or wrong, at least when it comes to moral high ground, but the world has, more or less chosen the path that Putin is responsible for.

That is the truth, right there.

How do we then solve this dilemma? We do it by trying to minimise the pain and suffering. Fighting is terrible, people are dying. So, if we can avoid people dying, that is the way.

If we have to fight, we have to do it, precisely and reduce all cost in terms of human life. That is the only way to fight in a world where all is transparent.

Going there, step by step, is the way.

Trying to reduce our faults, and then, if we have to fight, find an ethical way.

G-d bless the peace we can find, if we try. So try.

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