Dear Zelensky, the reason why Mariupol and other cities are destroyed, is because you have no experience with war and making peace.

As a result of the last peace deal, the Russians drew back a bit. To show, that they were serious about making a peace deal. It was a big chance. But, instead of drawing back the Ukrainian troops, you decided to bomb targets in Russia.

I mean, if you really want peace, you should show that you understand and respect the peace offering of the Russians. Russia have NOT used its full force yet, why? Because their main aim, is to occupy only Donbas, get Ukraine out of the negotiations with NATO, and then have friendly relationships with Ukraine.

They have relinquished their demand of demilitarization, still the denazification is on the table. And maybe that is not negotiable.

But you have to respond in kind with what Russia is doing. If you force the Russians to be cruel, they will, even though it is wrong.

So if you want peace, make a deal with the Russian, and draw back at the same pace as the Russians are. At least do not see the peace offering as weakness. It is peace offering, and not weakness.

G-d bless the will to make peace in the Ukraine\Russia conflict.

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