The UN does not make any sense these days. I really agree with mr. Zelensky. I mean, what is the point of gathering, if there is no effect?

We can talk and talk, but what is the point, if the horrors are just endlessly continuing on the ground?

To the defense of the UN one must say, that the UN has no military wing, and should not have a military wing. Because it serves as a diplomatic institution.

But what is it that the UN lack?

It lacks authority.

Nobody wants to listen to a gathering of independently warmongering countries, that all see their own ends as important. Authority lies in the ability and motivation of a party to throw itself into the work of making peace.

Israel is the way, as I see it. To make a new UN. Because it has the necessary authority.

Meanwhile, the UN is what we are supposed to work with, but it doesn’t.

Well, you all have me. A simple, poor blogger, to try and alleviate the diplomatic train.

And as that inferior blogger, and as Zelensky said himself, not always able to be the one to make peace. Because of my stupid situation. My message is loud and clear. There is a path to peace. It is the motivation, that is the problem.

Nobody in the international community really wants peace, because the war serves purposes of internal character. It is, to be absolutely honest, a healthy and convenient thing for the West European nations to have a supervillain in Putin.

The problem about that situation is, that what we sacrifice in our own internal process of vilifying Putin, be it just or not just, is Ukrainians.

To look at the conflict from a humane perspective, it makes sense to think a bit less about the unity that an external villain gives us, and a bit more about the poor, hapless victims of this war, that happen to be people, civilians and others in Ukraine.

I for one, understand the mechanics of war, and have tried to stem the avalanche of destruction, that is the effect of European wars.

Not vilifying, but still supporting of the Ukraine.

Zelensky is a hero to the world, he deserves our selfless support. Not a support that serves ourselves.

Otherwise WE are the ones who put the Ukrainians to the meat grinder.

At the other hand, Bucha is wrong.

That is the bottom line of the war. Bucha is wrong, and my hope is, that this war soon meets it end. Because at the end of the day. No one is served by a humiliated Russia and no one is served by a destroyed Ukraine.

Everyone deserves a shot at happiness and peace.

G-d bless the will to find peace, ultimately a peace with winners of all kind. Russians and Ukrainians. G-d bless the will to find a way to negotiate with the aim of a true and lasting solution to the situation in Ukraine.

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