In the Ukraine war, the situation is like this. First the Russians just wanted to make a deal with the Ukrainians, that is they wanted to demilitarize Ukraine and liberate/occupy Donetsk.

But at the beginning of the war, mr. Zelenski wanted to fight. So he fought, something that surprised the Russians, who were not prepared for a fight. So he won some inital victories. Also due to the fact, that the Russians fought under a strict non agressive order. They just wanted to force Ukraine to negotiate.

Then, as the war went on, and Ukraine did not want to negotiate, the russians changed tactics, and started a more agressive line. Destroying infrastructure, being less carefull. Add to this, a waning morale in Ukraine, the horrors started. Terrible sacriledge of humanity, as always in war.

Then Zelenski started to show inclinations of dialogue, and to support this the Russian drew back.

This was misunderstood by Zelenski, who felt he was winning, and started to feel confident in his chances. So he put away the notion of peacetalks, and started talking about not giving territory to Russia, that is the Donets region, that was the issue in the first place.

So now the Russians are angry, and threaten to eradicate Ukraine.

It all comes down to one thing. The Donetsk region. Who is going to control that region.

Well, in the end, the power that has the tenacity and firepower to hold Donetsk will be the ones to hold Donetsk. It is really as simple as that.

Then what motivates soldiers? They fight for something. The Ukrainans fight for their independence, and the Russians fight for their indepence.

Therefor, in the end, the most probable result will be a divided Ukraine. Divided into Ukraine proper and Donetsk, that will be a part of Russia.

If this is the case anyway. A good idea would be to make this happen instead of ending up in this situation as a result of a long a vicious war.

People from Ukraine and Russia are brothers, and should be their keepers and not their enemies. Hopefully this is the result in the end.

Until that we can only pray for peace.

G-d bless the will to find peace in the end.

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