In the war in Ukraine, the tolls of death is so high, that the suffering of people is almost impossible to fathom.

This is due to the nature of the conflict. Mechanised warfare at the scale we are witnessing creates these devastations.

In this situation, there should be no doubt about the stance of Israel. That of peace.

It seems to me, that Zelenski is finally ready to talk. This opportunity should not be passed over. Israel should use all is political capital, and try to reach out for Putin. Maybe this is an opportunity for peace to truly start.

But it has to be motivated and actually be put into action.

If anything seems to appear in terms of a true peace, then we all should support this.

Finding a peace in the end, is what is all it is about. People are dying, their homes are falling apart.

The human suffering is the meter we should use to understand what is right and wrong.

G-d bless a peace that is illusive, but yet not gone. G-d bless the friendship between Israel, Ukraine and Russia.

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