It is not so difficult to understand what to do in Ukraine, IF you see the development of the European continent in the light of European history.

We are all descendants of the great culture that inhabited the Mediterranean in the classical times. Philosophy deriving from Ancient Greece, Egypt and even further away I the Middle East. Illustrious civilisations as the Phoenician and Persian.

So, what we need to ask ourselves in relation to Ukraine is; what is it we strive for? Ukrainians descend from Denmark and Sweden. So essentially this country is a viking country, with the traditions of the democratic constitutions that was here a thousand years ago. So a sound democracy is necessary to meet the philosophical and constitutional needs of the Ukraine. It should be a free country. Free in the way of the government. Free in the sense of the individual sovereignity, and free in the making of a true democratic country.

BUT, and this is where Ukraine needs to be honest with itself. Will it be able to make these things work? A democratic constitution demands a high sense of personal integrity. Each man is a tower of honour, in a good democratic society. This means, that bureaucracy, needs to be honest.

If you finish the war, and end up in a system that is ripe with nepotism and dishonesty, the whole conflict would be for nothing.

You should use the valour you have fought with, to infuse the new state, with integrity. Use your experience for a positive development of your society.

Make it a young state again, free and honest.

In this way, maybe it will be a war fought for something worth while, something that will make a better nation, and sounder frame around the citizens of Ukraine.

In this way, maybe the peace you win, will make you able to be friends with Russia again.

G-d bless the will to seek understanding of what is the right and wrong in this conflict. G-d bless the will to peace in the end. G-d bless the understanding of each of us, as essentially good, and not bad. May peace descend on the wartorn country.

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