The conflict in and around Ukraine has reached a climax. Either we start a really devastating war, or we find some kind of solution to the problem.

Seen in the light of the Second World War, this could lead to terrible mayhem, “peace in our time”, would be a word not remembered anymore.

But, if we see through our own needs, and look for a true compromise, that may give each part a victory on political priorities, that is important to each part of the conflict, we may be able to attain peace.

First of all, what is it that Ukraine really want. Have you thought about that? Is it independence, self satisfaction, justice, equality. What is it you want. If you are able to formulate that, in a difficult situation, with bombs flying around your ears, we can start the negotiation.

Secondly, how do we attain these goals. We do it, by making a sound plan, for the betterment of BOTH Ukraine as well as Russia.

It has to be a balanced peace deal. Not a deal, that one part feels more above the other. Harmony comes from equality.

Finding that equal terms, for both parties, is the only way to find peace in our time.

G-d bless the will to make peace, and stop the suffering.

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